When you are writing LINQ queries against an Entity Framework context, you don’t have to worry about the SQL which is generated and executed. However, in some cases you may be interested in this SQL. It’s quite easy to switch on a logging mechanism which will be display all executed SQL in your Debug window. You have to provide an Action to the DbContext.Database.Log property. You provide a lambda with the functionality you want. If you want you can log this output also to a file or for example the Clipboard.

Imports System.Data.Entity

Module MainModule
    Private ReadOnly MyContext As New MyContext
    Sub Main()
      MyContext.Database.Log = Sub(x)
                               End Sub
      Dim result = MyContext.Patients.Include(Function(x) x.Dossiers).
                            New With {.PatientId = x.PatientID,
                                      .LastName = x.LastName,
                                      .DossierCount = x.Dossiers.Count}).ToList()
    End Sub
End Module

In this case, where I want to list a couple of properties of a Patient in combination of the number of related Dossiers, you will see the following SQL in the Debug Window.

    [Extent1].[PatientID] AS [PatientID], 
    [Extent1].[LastName] AS [LastName], 
        COUNT(1) AS [A1]
        FROM [dbo].[Dossier] AS [Extent2]
        WHERE [Extent1].[PatientID] = [Extent2].[PatientID]) AS [C1]
    FROM [dbo].[Patient] AS [Extent1]