andreobelinkrobecowitMy name is André Obelink. Born just before the summer of 69, I’m a programmer, writer and speaker. I live in Winterswijk, a small city in Netherlands, close to the German border. I’m the owner of small software- and consulting firm, named MarYor | software & consultancy. I’m married with Miranda and I have two children, a daughter called Marenne and a son Yorick. If you take a closer look to the names of my children, perhaps you will notice where my company name comes from…

I love to write and speak about software development in .NET. Despite the fact I like C#, my heart still belongs to Visual Basic .NET. I started about three decades ago with programming. In that time on the Commodore VIC-20. When I installed in 1991 the first version of Visual Basic, I was really excited about the new concept of ‘dragging and dropping’ to design the user interface and writing code in events. Since then I installed every new released version of Visual Basic and used it for building my applications. Although I’m writing software for more than 30 years, my professional career started as a teacher. I did this for about five years, before I made the switch to the IT-sector. In my daily life I still use my skills I learned as teacher in explaining complex software development concepts. I think that this background drives my love to write and speak about software development. I love to share knowledge, simple due the fact that sharing knowledge expands my own knowledge horizon too. That’s the main reason why I’m involved in several .NET communities. I was founder of the Visual Basic Group, and I’m still a board member of the European branch of the International .NET Association (INETA).

Since 2006 I authored five books about Visual Basic, and co-authored one about C#. All of them are published by Pearson Education are written in Dutch, my native language. Beside of the books, I wrote more than hundred articles for Dutch and International software development magazines. For my efforts in the Microsoft .NET community, Microsoft awarded me since 2006 yearly with a MVP award, first as a MVP for Visual Basic. As the program evolved, currently I’m a MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies.

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