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Hour Of Code

[Update 11-16-2017 22:00] Er is nog één plaats beschikbaar voor een middelbare scholier.

Hour Of Code
In de week van 4 tot en met 10 december 2017 is het de internationale week van de computer wetenschappen. Tijdens die week worden er over de hele wereld Hour Of Codes georganiseerd. Dit zijn workshops waarbij leerlingen van 8 tot 16 jaar de basisprincipes van het programmeren leren. Dit jaar doen wij ook weer mee. Omdat het de vorige keer zo snel vol zat, organiseren we op zaterdag 9 december maar liefst vier Hour Of Codes! Twee sessies voor basisschoolleerlingen en twee voor leerlingen van de middelbare school.

Wij vinden programmeren een van de leukste dingen om te doen. Je moet slim nadenken en vaak creatieve oplossingen bedenken. Steeds meer dingen om ons heen worden voorzien van computers en software. En het is straks hartstikke handig dat er heel veel mensen zijn die in ieder geval een beetje de taal van computers spreken! Heb jij altijd al willen leren hoe je personages binnen Minecraft kunt laten nadenken en bewegen? Schrijf je dan in voor een gratis Hour of Code. Het enige wat je moet meenemen is een Windows laptop of een MacBook. Wees er echter wel snel bij, want het aantal plaatsen is beperkt! Om andere kinderen de mogelijkheid te bieden mee te doen, is er nu helaas geen plek voor kinderen die een vorige keer hebben meegedaan.

Zaterdag 9 december 2017

  • 09:00-10:30 – Leerlingen basisschool – Geen plaatsen meer beschikbaar
  • 11:00-12:30 – Leerlingen middelbare school – Inschrijven!
  • 13:30-15:00 – Leerlingen basisschool – Geen plaatsen meer beschikbaar
  • 15:30-17:00 – Leerlingen middelbare school – Geen plaatsen meer beschikbaar

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7101 PA  Winterswijk
(Ons kantoor zit aan de voorzijde van de Bataafse molen)

Meer informatie?

Join my session about the future of VB.NET!

On Friday, October 13th I will speak about the future of Visual Basic. NET. Microsoft announced earlier this year that they changed their vision on the earlier idea on, what they called, ‘VB and C# Co-evolution’. The plan was – and is actually executed – to give Visual Basic .NET and C# the same language futures. This will change. But what does this mean for Visual Basic .NET developers? How will this affect us? In this session I will discuss these topics. I will talk also about what’s done to make Visual Basic .NET future proof in terms of cross platform development.

Join me in Amsterdam!

More information:

A new .NET community: .NET Oost

I started a new community, named .NET Oost. We will organize meetups in the east of the Netherlands to share knowledge about Microsoft .NET and related technologies. Last week we had our first meetup, where I talked about the basic of SOLID. The audience, mostly students, were very enthousiastic about it. And so was I! If you live in our area, please join our community. It’s free and have a pizza with us!

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Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour ’17 – Amsterdam

Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice president of the Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group and his Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour ‘17 are coming on May 24th to Amsterdam. This is an exclusive – and FREE! – event for developers where the “man in the red shirt” will spend the day showing off the very latest advances in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s cloud services, advanced workloads and capabilities. I think this an event you do not want to miss!

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SDN Cast 42
Future of Visual Basic .NET

Last night I was the ‘special guest’ on the 42th SDN Cast. I talked with fellow MVP’s Maarten van Stam en Fanie Reynders about the latest news in ‘Dev’ world, but the main topic was the future of Visual Basic .NET.

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Visual Studio 2017 Launch Event
Join us!

Microsoft will release Visual Studio 2017 on March 7.  They organize a two-day virtual event to show the world the beauty of this latest release.

On March 7, you can watch a live stream with Julia Liuson, Brian Harry, Miguel de Icaza, and Scott Hanselman as they share the newest innovations in Visual Studio, .NET, Xamarin, Azure, and more. After the keynote, Microsoft engineers will lead interactive technical demo sessions to help you get the most out of Visual Studio 2017 and the rest of their tools and platform. On March 8, you can get productive even faster by joining a full day of live interactive trainings. Make sure you will sign up for these trainings.

But the event is not only virtual. You can join a couple of locally hosted events. Speaking about the Netherlands you have the choice of a couple events, geographically spread around the country. I’m not sure this list is comprehensive, but you can choose already from a nice list!

Join us on one of this meetings… I’m looking forward to meet you!

Will I see you at TechDays 2016?

In a few days Microsoft TechDays will start. This is the major Dutch tech event on Microsoft – and other open source technologies. On this event many (respectable!) speakers will have their sessions on various topics. Speakers you know from your local community, but also Microsoft employees from Redmond will visit Amsterdam. The event will be held on October 4 and 5 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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Article ‘What’s new in Visual Basic 2015’

For the SDN Magazine 125, a publication of the Software Developer Network, I wrote an article about the new language features of Visual Basic 14. It’s already a couple of months ago, but still valid if you are interested in the new stuff Microsoft has released this summer. The article is written in the Dutch language.

Read it here…

SDN Magazine 125

The strength of the developer community

Today I got an email of my old friend Willem van den Broek. He pointed me to a major milestone in the Dutch Visual Basic community. This month we are celebrating our 20th anniversary! Unbelievable, we started the Dutch Visual Basic Group for exact twenty years ago! In that time I knew Willem from a thing called Fido Net, let’s say the predecessor of the Internet. With a couple of other people we decided to start a user group, publish a magazine and organize offline user group meetings. We started VB-Net, a Fido Net based Visual Basic community. We had the same goal: Teach each other and learn from each other!

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