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Visual Studio 2017
Use ValueTuples in Visual Basic .NET

Tuples are primitive types where you can easily combine multiple values to one variable. They are as a datatype not completely new for C# 7.0 or Visual Basic 15, but the way you can use them is, with the new System.ValueTuple type, much improved. In this post I will show you how you can take advantage of the streamed syntax of value tuples. The old System.Tuple became not very populair, mainly because the results where not strongly named; you have to use them like result.Item1, result.Item2 etc.

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Visual Studio 2017 Launch Event
Join us!

Microsoft will release Visual Studio 2017 on March 7.  They organize a two-day virtual event to show the world the beauty of this latest release.

On March 7, you can watch a live stream with Julia Liuson, Brian Harry, Miguel de Icaza, and Scott Hanselman as they share the newest innovations in Visual Studio, .NET, Xamarin, Azure, and more. After the keynote, Microsoft engineers will lead interactive technical demo sessions to help you get the most out of Visual Studio 2017 and the rest of their tools and platform. On March 8, you can get productive even faster by joining a full day of live interactive trainings. Make sure you will sign up for these trainings.

But the event is not only virtual. You can join a couple of locally hosted events. Speaking about the Netherlands you have the choice of a couple events, geographically spread around the country. I’m not sure this list is comprehensive, but you can choose already from a nice list!

Join us on one of this meetings… I’m looking forward to meet you!

Saving customized Window Layouts

I think it’s not new for you that in Visual Studio you can customize the position, size and behavior of windows to create window layouts that work best for various development workflows. When you customize the layout, Visual Studio remembers it. For example, if you change the docking location of the Properties Window and then close Visual Studio, the next time that you start, even if you are working on another computer, the Properties Window will be docked in that same location.

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Tracking change colors in the Visual Studio editor

I think all of us noticed the colors in the left margin of the editor of Visual Studio, but do you know what these colors mean? To be honest… I know that these colors are already there for more than five years. And I know that they have something to do with tracking changes in my code. But I never asked myself what they actually mean. This is quite strange because for at least five days a week, a couple of hours per day, I’m coding in the Visual Studio editor. I’ve seen wittingly or unwittingly these colored markers many and many times.

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